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Cabins in Hot Springs, SD: A year-round retreat

Nestled in the picturesque Black Hills of South Dakota, the charming town of Hot Springs offers a unique opportunity for year-round relaxation and adventure. While the region is known for its natural hot springs, it's the availability of cozy cabins that truly make this destination special.

cabins for rent in Hot Springs, SD - open year round

Whether you're looking for a winter wonderland or a summer escape, the cabins at Highland Meadows Resort provide the perfect accommodation.

Some guests wonder though, what is there to do in each season? Let’s dive into the seasons, temperatures, and activities.

Hot Springs, SD by season

Experience the distinct and beautiful seasons when you stay in Hot Springs throughout the year. While summer’s the most popular season for tourists in the Black Hills, there’s plenty to do year round. Let’s break it down by season, temperature, and activity.

Spring (March–May)

Spring's arrival in Hot Springs marks the awakening of the natural world. Cabins provide a great starting point for exploring the lush forests, wildlife, and historical attractions that come to life as the snow melts. Wildflowers bloom and birds begin to sing again.

Average temperatures:

  • 29°F to 57°F (-2°C to 14°C)

Spring activities in Hot Springs:

  • Explore the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

  • Catch some Walleye at Angostura Reservoir

  • Go birding and take some memorable photographs

  • Go biking along the 109 mile George S. Mickelson trail

  • Explore nearby parks and historic sites

  • Go subterranean at Wind Cave National Park

You may also consider taking a scenic drive through Custer State Park to see buffalo herds.

Summer (June–August)

Summer is the peak season for adventure in Hot Springs, and cabins offer the perfect base for your outdoor escapades. Enjoy the warm weather, sunny days, and a myriad of recreational activities.

Average temperatures:

  • 54°F to 88°F (12°C to 31°C)

Summer activities in Hot Springs:

  • Take a dip at Cascade Falls and Swimming Hole

  • Float above the town in a hot air balloon

  • Go horseback riding in the Black Hills

  • Go kayaking at Cold Brook Reservoir

  • Enjoy water sports and swimming in Angostura Reservoir

  • Go hiking, biking, or walking along local trails

  • Relax, or play in the local hot springs

  • Play a round of golf at the local golf course

  • Explore the Black Hills in a UTV

  • Celebrate July 4th with fireworks, 5k/10k, and parade

Fall (September–November)

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, Hot Springs cabins are the perfect retreat for experiencing the stunning colors of autumn. The tranquility and natural beauty of the season make for an unforgettable visit.

Average temperatures:

  • 38°F to 72°F (3°C to 22°C)

Fall activities in Hot Springs:

  • Roast marshmallows over a crackling fire while overlooking the valley

  • Witness the vibrant fall foliage on a scenic drive through Spearfish Canyon

  • Enjoy bird watching from your private cabin or along a number of trails

  • Go horseback riding in the Black Hills

  • Go biking along the 109 mile George S. Mickelson trail

  • Take a drive down Iron Mountain Road in Custer State Park

  • Catch some fish at Cold Brook Reservoir

  • Go hunting for large or small game

You may also consider taking a scenic drive through Custer State Park to see buffalo herds, or booking a helicopter tour over Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial.

Winter (December–February)

When the snowflakes fall, cabins in Hot Springs become a winter wonderland, creating a postcard-perfect setting for those seeking a cozy escape. Enjoy the views, soak in the soothing hot springs, or book a massage at the local mineral spa. Winter is an excellent time to relax and unwind, and cabins offer warmth and comfort to make your stay truly magical.

Average temperatures:

  • 18°F to 44°F (-8°C to 7°C)

Winter activities in Hot Springs:

  • Relax and rejuvenate on a romantic getaway

  • Snowshoe through serene landscapes

  • Go cross-country skiing on trails through the Black Hills

  • Soak in local hot springs

  • Visit a number of nearby historic sites — without the crowds

  • Experience Christmas in the Hills with caroling, tree lighting, and a parade

Whichever season you decide to visit Hot Springs, SD, make sure you visit websites or make a few calls to verify hours of operation and availability at any historic site or other venue.

Year round

Enjoy local and nearby historic sites, museums, and parks year round. Explore the local dining, go for a walk amid sandstone buildings, and enjoy the Freedom Trail as you parallel Fall River. Check out local merchants and join us for Hot Springs celebrations throughout the year.

Within a short drive, you can experience Mount Rushmore National Monument, Wind Cave National Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Custer State Park. Each has something amazing to offer in any season.

See more things to do in Hot Springs — and for local businesses or to see a calendar of events in Hot Springs, check out the Chamber of Commerce website!

Book a cabin in Hot Springs

Plan your vacation early to enjoy a luxury cabin atop a 12.5 acre bluff — in the season of your choice — and make unforgettable memories in this enchanting South Dakota town.

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